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Eve was born on 26 July 1979 in Vanderbijlpark. From the tender age of seven she received formal training in the arts. Her teachers included Berdina Ludicke (1986 - 1990), Lisa Pienaar (1991 – 1995) and Spies Venter (1996 – 1997). Eve held her first group exhibition when she was only 8 years old and from there on she was un-stoppable. In 1998 she received her Diploma in Visual Communications and Graphic design from the Open Window Art Academy in Pretoria. She paints professionally for the past few years and works in acrylic, oil, pastel and gouache (which the mixing of watercolour and base paint with gum or honey to thicken it). Her work is very popular with interior decorators because of her diversity in style. Eve is best known for her decorative flower studies, landscapes and nudes.

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Landscape | Size: 100mm x 100mm | Medium: Acrylic | Framed