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Pierre Auguste Renoir - Bouquet Of Flowers

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Over the centuries many artists have tried to convey the beauty of flowers by using different styles, techniques and media. Each interpreting the powerful colors, shapes and movement in their own personal way.

Unfortunately, most blooms have a short life. However, artists around the world have preserved their beauty forever. Some of the most celebrated paintings from well-known artists are of flowers. The many colors, forms and shapes ensure endless diversity. This is why flower paintings have always been beloved by artists and buyers.

Between the 17th and 19th century flower paintings were very popular, they were seen everywhere. Garments, fabrics, interiors and furnishings were adorned with floral designs.

Jan Brueghel the Younger (1601-1678) was an important pioneer of floral still life. His elaborate paintings were composed with imagination and splendid precision. He glorified the beauty of nature through his paintings.

Claude Monet was one of the creators of French Impressionism. His concern was to reflect the influence of light on a subject. He’s most famous for his beautiful paintings inspired by his gardens at Giverny. As the gardens increased in complexity, Monet’s flower paintings consumed his attention. His paintings are bright, colorful and distinctive. This has helped to keep his flower paintings among the most popular images of all time.

Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch post-Impressionist painter born on 30 March 1853. In his short life he created some remarkable works of art and is now widely regarded as one of history’s greatest painters. He’s most famous for his self-portraits, landscapes, portraits, and sunflowers. It was Van Gogh’s love of nature that inspired him to paint flowers. He would choose the flowers based on the season, style and color. However, color was his main concern and flowers helped him to experiment endlessly. Irises, lilacs, roses and oleanders are just some of the delightful flowers he painted.

Van Gogh’s still life paintings of sunflowers are his most popular paintings of flowers and he was very proud of them. Sunflowers had a special significance for Van Gogh. He made eleven paintings of them. Yellow, for him, represented happiness and the sunflower was a symbol of devotion and loyalty in Dutch literature.

Flowers have long been admired by artists around the world. They have been considered among the most beautiful things nature has to offer and for that reason flower paintings will continue indefinitely.

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