Harry Erasmus (#5872)

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Harry was born in 1961 in Pretoria. He fell in love with art and everything about art at a very early age. Apart from his parent’s encouragement, he had no formal training. Today he is grateful that he has learned to paint in his own way, for it enabled him to be more creative, daring and to develop a style of his own. His work is quite unique since he creates art on different pieces of genuine leather that he builds out to create a three-dimensional working area. It is an expensive medium which will last a lifetime. Harry also works on canvas and wildlife is his passion. His motto and philosophy in life is to create life on something that lived before. Starting on a painting, he has no preconceived idea of what to do. Harry takes his faith very seriously and asks God for creativity before every painting he starts. Every painting is a new experience and the viewers might not like the painting the first time it but it will grow on them very much the same way that nature does. His paintings are not to be looking at only, but to experience as well. Harry believes that the more you look at it the more you will see God and His love for Africa. Although he has been painting for many years, Harry’s professional painting career only started a couple of years ago after he met his Lord and Savior and his trademark is to sign his name under a cross on the paintings.

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Paljas Landscape | Size: 900mm x 300mm | Medium: Acrylic | Framed