Ignatius Marx

Product Information

“A search for the essence…”, that is how South African-born artist, Ignatius Marx, describes his work. His obvious love for nature is expressed through several media, his favorite being pastel, through which his representational art finds its embodiment. Reveling in uncluttered detail, his work combines keen understanding of his media with unsurpassed technique and intense observation.

Inspired by his surrounds, his paintings and drawings capture that which is essentially Africa – the bush and its animals and the spectacular and often harsh and savage beauty of its landscape.

Close scrutiny reveals a strong sense of colour and composition, blending together to make his work a highly desired and much sought after collector’s item; not surprisingly therefore that his work is exported as far as America, Australia, the Far-East and Europe.

As a master Draughtsman, figure and line work form an integral part of his repertoire – shape is conveyed through the interplay of subtle colour, light and shadow; accented with descriptive and expressive line – an ode to his penchant for the human form.

Ignatius Marx resides and has his studio overlooking the Indian Ocean in Kwa-Zulu Natal.