Jeanne Marais

Product Information

Jeanne was born in Pretoria in 1983 and grew up in Centurion where she still follows a career as an artist. She discovered her love her love for painting and decorating during high school and constantly changed the colour schemes of her bedroom and rearranged the furniture! She was very experimental, and had parents who fortunately understood her creative side – leaving the walls and ceiling over to my imagination.

At the age of 18 Jeanne developed an interest in the world of art and considered following a degree in that. Instead she decided to rather start producing, thereby further developing her own personal style as a self taught artist.

Jeanne specializes in oils. Her scope of subjects covers bold, colourful abstracts, abstract landscapes and cityscapes, female figures and various flower themes. When she’s not busy with specific requests, Jeanne loves to paint whatever she feels like.

She loves her work and has this to say about her passion: “The real advantage of my career as an artist is being in the fortunate position to do what I love for a living!”