Lienkie Lombaard

Product Information

Lienkie was born in Pretoria in 1949 and is the daughter of the late Dr Jan Richter.  In 1971 she obtained her BA degree in Art at the University of Pretoria – shortly after she married Nico Lombard.

Lienkie believes that art is a creative process through which people strive to decorate their environment, give expression to a viewpoint or feeling and make a statement with.

As an artist Lienkie is challenged by everything that she sees around her.  When she first started out she painted everything she could lay her eyes on – the bushveld, animals, birds and people.  She experimented with various mediums as well – starting with water paint, oil, acrylic and other mixed media.

The one thing however that inspired her most was drawings of children. Lienkie is well known for her figures and children and she loves portraying them in an almost lost romanticism – playing guitar, catching fish, lying in the grass, etc.