Renier Oosthuizen (#6093)

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Renier was born in 1962 in Pretoria. His parents moved to what was then called Rhodesia, were he spent most of his childhood. From a very young age he experimented with any available medium to produce some form of artistic work. Renier became a fashion designer but before long he realized that his true passion was art, and he started painting full time. Upon returning to South Africa in the late seventies, Renier attended the school for Art, Ballet and Music in Pretoria to further his career. He is greatly inspired by the natural beauty of Africa and his works includes a variety of themes. He is best known for his clay pots with its ethnic designs and decorative detail as well as working on black silk. He uses a unique combination of mixed mediums, and rich earth colours are prevalent in his work. Renier says: “I am privileged and blessed to be a full time artist with this wonderful God-given talent.”

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Decorated pot |Size: 700mm x 350mm | Medium: Acrylic | Framed