Lucas Mahome (#3268)

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Lucas Mahome was born in Attridgeville, Pretoria, in 1972. From the time he was small Lucas loved drawing and painting. He went to school in Attridgeville and finished in Standard 8. He decided to join the Panda Association Art School for two years to further his art studies. He then went onto the Johannesburg Art Foundation for two years. He learnt to handle all the mediums in art and developed his own technique painting township, rural scenes and using an abstract form to paint musicians. Mahome was 'discovered' by the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg, when he approached them to sell his paintings. The gallery was so impressed with his talent that they gave him a scholarship to attend the Johannesburg Art Foundation. The Goodman Gallery was also the first to purchase Mahome's work once he had graduated from the Foundation. Lucas created a distinctly African look and feel for Clover's annual report, his artwork depicting colourful, uplifting scenes with people consuming Clover's wide range of products. The Clover corporate colours feature strongly throughout. The annual report is presented in a wire frame, further expanding the African theme. The frames were created by a Cape Town company, African Home, that empowers local crafts people. To date, Mohame has sold over 100 paintings, but he is also a talented textile designer and sculptor. His murals adorn the Brooklyn College and the Agisanang Primary School in Garankuwa. Clover has been his biggest project to date and will expose his talent for the first time to a wider audience - Clover's clients, suppliers, directors and the general public. Lucas designed the cover of one of George Michaels CD's in 2001.

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Abstract | Size: 420mm x 300mm | Medium: Mixed | Framed